A way to create an parameter input sheet in c´++

0 Robert Berg · October 13, 2015

Im about to use C++ for doing some calculations wich will help me generate som Fanuc code.

I´m beginnig to learn C++ but I would like tips about two things:

1; I would like my program to create some kind of sheet (table were I can wright in my parameters

"2: I would like to get the program to put the code it creats in a notepad doc. / This I can but I would like to 
control were this document ends up in the computor.

So can I do this within C++?

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0 Robert Berg · October 14, 2015
Thanks for your answer.

It was something like ecel I had in mind, but I´ve done some rethinking about my needs.and I 
realize that a List of parametersand their values in Note_PAD will do for now.
I can see that some of the last of Buckys tutorials will give me what I need, So done to mine and grind a program out!
0 Robert Berg · October 13, 2015
Of course I will walk through all Buckys excellent tutorials eventually. I was just a bit eager to get started with 
a little project of mine right away!
0 Robert Berg · October 13, 2015
Thank you! :)

Sorry about that stupid question.

I kind of suspected that the answer would be yes,

But will I find my answers if I walk through the rest of Buckysc++
tutorials or do I have 
to look elsewhere.?
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