Unable to launch emulator through android studio

0 Manish Agarwal · October 13, 2015
Unable to launch emulator through android studio.
There is no error while launching.
Using windows7 64-bit OS and android studio.
Also tried to launch actual device enabling USB debugging, but its not detecting any device.

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0 Gary Whitney · October 14, 2015
Are you using a custom device? If so try using a standard device to rule that out.

1. No error - If you don't have the use GPU checked it can take a very long time to see anything. Also if you do have it checked then you should have the Intel chip set (See other posts for emulator and HAXM.)

2. USB - You have to have the correct usb driver for you device and you have to turn this option on in the settings of your device. It usually involves something like tapping 7 times or something like that. Check the owners manual.
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