When should I move to android development?

0 Niv Rdw · October 13, 2015
i started to learn java from the new boston tutorials,but i want to to develop in android.
When should I move to android development?

sorry for my bad english


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+2 Gary Whitney · October 24, 2015
When you are fluent in Java.

Android developers are expected to know Java. That way you can focus on learning Android and understand the Java without having to explain the Java language concepts.

Programming has an endless learning curve.

Don't be in a hurry.
Copying code from a book or tutorial is good,
but to become fluent you need to write your own code to cement the concepts.
It's like composing a letter in a foreign language. You need to be able to think in the foreign language.
0 Niv Rdw · October 23, 2015
0 furkan asilturk · October 26, 2015
firstly you look at to learn java everything.. don't hurry up. and relax.. yo'll learn after all
0 Milorad Jekic · October 26, 2015
hello im new in java too. try to learn from different sources like lynda.com, head first java book, patrick washington videos on yourube, etc. when u feel u know much of it go for android development. that is my plan :)
good luck
0 Amir Fahd Hadji Usop · October 26, 2015
You can move to Android once you have understood the fundamentals of the Java language. That includes

  1. variables,

  2. datatypes,

  3. constants,

  4. enums,

  5. basic input and output,

  6. operators,

  7. conditional statements (switch, if, if-else, if-else if-else statements),

  8. looping (while, do-while, for),

  9. typecasting,

  10. basic data structures like array and list,

  11. access modifiers (public, private, protected),

  12. methods,

  13. understanding static and final,

  14. classes

  15. interfaces

  16. abstract classes

  17. and other basic stuff.

You also need knowledge in Java's OOP concepts that includes, inheritance, polymorphism and encapsulation. You don't need to know everything about Java, just the basics I mentioned will give you a boost. You'll probably learn most of the Java stuff on your way. So my advise is for you to learn the basics I listed and when you have grasp the concept of the Java language and OOP concepts then you're ready to move. Android is a different beast you have to tame. Android != Java programming though fundamental knowledge is applicable to android. :)
0 Milorad Jekic · October 26, 2015
i couldnt agree much :)
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