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+1 Kim K · October 13, 2015
Hello everyone,

I have chosen to make an app for a project on school, so i watched much tutorials but now i have a problem.
What i want is a listview with pictures and when the user click on one item there is a link to another page (activity) for example with information about a product. 

I have already the listview but the link to another page is my problem. I also struggle how I have to put different custom list view in one listview, for example i want the first item dark green and the second item light green.

I hope you guys can help me! 

Sorry if my English isn't very good, i'm 16 and really bad in English....

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0 Gary Whitney · October 14, 2015
Try watching videos 47 and 48. for custom list view.

Video 35 is about intents which is what you need to launch your "detail" activity.

As for alternating row colors, I think  I saw something in the ListView API. Or you might have to use an if statement with something like if (position mod2) then dark green else light green.
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