Android Device extremely slow

0 Cai Cruz · October 13, 2015
Dear New Boston community,

I just started to get into mobile development today, so my questions might be super rookish.
I am opening the emulator on android studio for the first time. I have heard the first time takes a while because its like when you first get a phone. It has to start and run programs for the first time. The problem is it has been on the start up "android" screen for about 1 hour and still nothing. I installed android studio on another 2 computers to see if it worked better, but i get the same issue. 
I do see a message appearing "HAXM is not working and emulator runs in emulator mode. Is there a way to solve this? Is this a first time thing? 

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+1 Jagdeep Matharu · October 13, 2015
For more details about HAXM search "HAXM" in forum (i explained in one post that i cant find now)

Any way, i personally suggest to use Android Device for installing apps from Android Studio and testing , BUT if in case you dont want or you dont have ANDORID device you can use GENEMOTION(!/)

Personally speaking this is the best emulator for PC/MAC (way better than default emulator) 

on my machine it boots in 11 second (MAc i5, 8gb)

Enjoy ^ ^ 

let us know how it goes :)
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