Top 10k Passwords

+2 Jim Fp · October 11, 2015
8 Mb of top possible passwords

Top Ftp Usernames:

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+2 Tatrasiel R · October 12, 2015
oh 10K is nothing. I have one that is 14 G in size, optimized.
0 Alice Aduard · October 13, 2015
Actually, there are much more password than you think. If you want to collect it, you can search on Google. Then you can learn more about that.
+1 Jim Fp · October 28, 2015
Why use more passwords? It will take forever. 10k is already too high
0 Tatrasiel R · October 28, 2015
Because eventually, you might find a match.

If you know what you're doing you can get 3.3 billion hashes a second.
0 yogesh kumar · August 14, 2016
how many of you use kali linux.........
0 Erik Blume · December 22, 2016
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