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0 Rehman . · October 11, 2015
I want to open a link in a nav-bar's specific div. How to do that?

however i have find a little off solution by doing

and it does open in that specific div of nav-pill but the page refresh to the active nav-pill and we have to select that nav-pill again to see the page opened

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0 Rehman . · October 11, 2015
can't we do it without iframe ?
like i'm using php too so maybe there is some php trick ?
0 Ian Arbuckle · October 11, 2015
I take you want to display data from each nav pill? php would be the easiest way to do that.
0 Rehman . · October 11, 2015
@Ian yes i have tried it but the nav-tab goes switched to the "active" property one :/
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