Your SDK location contains non-ASCII characters!

+1 Tomaz Podkriznik · October 12, 2015
when I for the first time runn android studio as a administrator, like in video at 13min10sec . Screenshot img link: (Your SDK location contains non-ASCII characters). Pls help that I can go on whit the toturial. tnx

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0 Nirnaya Singh · June 9, 2016
Hi Tomaz,

This happens when the path contains some Japanese or special characters (in your case the "z" in tomaz). Hence, you should be using the different path instead.
0 Gary Whitney · October 13, 2015
Not sure how this happened but the error is saying that the location defined during the installation process has like a control character somewhere in the string that defines where the SDK was installed.

I would uninstall the program and reinstall it accepting the defaults.
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