Android studio - Phone in Emulator not loading - Just Blank

0 Matt McGurk · October 11, 2015
I'm a beginner and I'm keen to get started however when I hit play to test 'hello world' the images of the virtual phone appears but it does not load? the screen just remains blank, can anyone help with this please

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0 Gary Whitney · October 11, 2015
Because you are a beginner I am going to assume you don't have the HAXM installed.
HAXM is an intel feature that reduces the time it takes to boot the phone.

If you don't have this installed it can take several minutes just to see the word android on the phone, and then if you look closely you will notice the word android is not frozen but has a slight color change scrolling across it.

Try again and go do something else for 10 minutes. Then come back and you should see the program or a locked phone.

PS browse the other posts and you will see other people have had similar problems.

check out this link
I found this link and followed instructions for installing using Studio >  Tools > Android> SDK Manager
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