Curses to learn drawing?

+4 Renato Lopes · October 9, 2015
Hi, I want to know how to draw (yeah I suck at it), like I really wanted to draw life and anime stuff (both are awesome), but I don't know how, so if there are any youtube playlists about it I wold be pleased :D (the new boston don't have any talk about it so yeah :/ )

Also bucky if ur reading this please update the adobe tutorials to include CC 2015 versions!!!!

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0 Tom B · October 30, 2015
Alright, just to let you know I wrote a reply talking about this. However the BB code saved in a text file is literally around 10 mb (it took me a couple hours to write) and wouldn't upload as is. So what I'm going to do is probably cut it down a bit and split it up into separate posts. I would do that now but the actual file takes like an hour to load into memory and it's late so I want to go to bed. But tomorrow probably I should be able to post something.
+1 Tom B · October 30, 2015
This is a bit of a tough question. If you want an interesting youtuber with some tutorials I would recommend Mark Crilley

However I don't feel youtube has anything out there currently that will teach you to draw from the ground up. (maybe I should try  to make something :P)  Generally art is more about practice than anything and it's hard to do that thoroughly with no real structured course or schedule when starting because it's difficult to know what to practice. I got lucky personally because the high school I attend offers classes with a teacher who really knows what they're doing. I'm not exactly the greatest artist but I can draw decently

What I'd recommend from what I've been taught is:

Get a feel for these, the elements and principles of art. Most aren't really 'essential' so to speak but they will help you understand some of the terminology often used with art
Some are self explanatory like line and shape while others like value might take a bit to get used to recognizing in art and the world around you
The most important in my opinion to know is value; you'll use it with pretty much anything you make
It's the lightness or darkness; an easy comparison is shadow where it's darker but that's not a perfect explanation because value also includes things like highlights
In the end the goal is to develop an eye for these things and you'll get that through practice which I'll talk about later

Start with graphite pencils.
Don't use like a standard yellow pencil or mechanical pencil get a set with a variety of hardness
explained here:
or pretty much it's just the greater the number next to B the softer the graphite is and therefore the darker the line or value (when shading) can be laid down
and the greater the number next to H the harder the graphite is and therefore the lighter the line or value can be laid down
HB is the middle hardness, it's usually used when first laying out an outline although I personally prefer to use B
H pencils aside from HB from my experience are rarely used and I've never used one personally
B pencils are typically used for shading which I'll talk about later
Also my personal favorite set: pencils
(Blick is generally awesome and I recommend them cause they're both fair in price and they have good materials)

While it's both handy and smart to have a regular block pink eraser with you when drawing (aka get one)
you'll primarily use a kneaded eraser to draw
If you've never seen or messed with one it's pretty much like a putty
It's nice because it can be shaped in a variety of ways to get small things and it's also easier to erase things lightly
Generally when drawing you want to have one in your other hand rolling it around/ squishing it to keep it warm and malleable
My teacher has even apparently microwaved hers before but I can't personally attest to that
You'll also only probably need one ever as they don't disintegrate slowly like conventional erasers
My teacher still has some from college
again personal recommendation: kneaded eraser

You'll need to get good at this
Luckily it's pretty easy once you know the technique
First off draw really light so it can be erased later
Second don't worry if the line you make isn't perfect
don't stop to erase it make another one right on top of it that's closer to what you want and continue doing so until you get it as close as you would like
That's pretty much it
It does take practice but it gets easy pretty fast
Don't trace it won't help you as much
I have to mention other things like perspective though
This is a pretty easy thing to learn and there's a lot of documentation out there so have a browse around youtube and you'll find some useful stuff pretty quickly
It will also help if you ever decide to take up drafting

This is all about getting to know value
when drawing an object you need to see the value and copy it
This is also incredibly difficult to explain for me
Generally you just want to rub the pencil tip on the paper
It doesn't necessarily have to be the side of the tip like is often said, it will vary for what you want to do and that will likely come from intuition
It's good to use a variety of motions to make the value blend evenly depending on what you're shading
Transitioning between values is the largest part in giving objects form
I recommend just trying to shade from as dark as you can make to as light as you can make
Start shading objects by shading spheres and simple shapes


Every value present in a sphere will be present in everything you ever shade
So get good at shading spheres and you'll get good at shading everything else
The five main values you want to look for are the darkest darks(core shadow and generally the cast shadow as well), the mid darks (mid tone), the reflected light (light bouncing up from the ground), and the highlight (where light is directly striking the object)
Don't be afraid to go as dark as you can
This will inevitably be the hardest part of learning to draw and it requires a ton of practice
but it's the key to making drawings seem life like and more professional
Here's some pictures from the last couple years that show how practice does pay off
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