Andriod-How do I submit form details to admin email?

0 STEVE H · October 10, 2015
Hi, I have run through most of Bucky's Android for beginners and have learnt a great deal.

I am trying to find out the basics for saving the data from a user form and submitting it to a hard-coded email address. 
I guess it some simple button event handler code but have searched for the basic guides and having difficulty.

Thanks to anyone who replies to this.

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0 Gary Whitney · October 10, 2015
You want to use an intent with a SEND ACTION.
I have not done this yet either, but I found this in one of my books.
"A bundle of additional, key-based information that’s used to provide extra information to the receiving component. For example, if you need to send an email address, you use the extras bundle to supply the body and subject and other components of the email."

Google this
android intent action emails
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