Should I take notes?

+2 Brandy Chandler · October 10, 2015
I have written notes and the program saved lessons 2-5 on a flash drive  but after 6 was installing Cham I just did the lessons 6-10 without taking notes. I was thinking outside of 2-5 being saved perhaps type them up in a word document and save the file? Thanks.

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0 Yash Randive · October 11, 2015
Yes,you should take notes,but try taking them simply in a notebook. That's what I'm doing and it really helps you organize stuff! Have a great Day!
0 Halcyon Abraham Ramirez · October 11, 2015
funny thing. I Learned python chaotically. what does that mean? It means i learned it without a structure. I basically wanted to build something and learned what I needed to know from there. the traditional note taking approach never sticks to me. just build read build read. that'll be fine
0 alex constantin · October 11, 2015
Same as the above poster, I watched tutorials from all over the Internet (including Bucky's various time) and read some books until it all remained in my head.
0 Vincent Gizzarelli · October 11, 2015
Notes aren't necessary but if that's the way you learn best then I think it'd be worth it.
I have a journal filled with programming notes myself.
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