+2 Adgj 533 · October 10, 2015
Hi everyone, just wanted to say hi,
Im a computer engineering student and now taking c++, my professor is completely garbage doesnt allow students to code in class, doesnt show any examples, So I have to learn erverything by myself. So I will be here often Please Help me out :D

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+1 Cristiano Cappagli · October 23, 2015
Hi ;) uhm you're lucky to have a teacher like that:D
0 Adam Tindall · October 23, 2015
I agree! This should keep you busy for a "bit" ;)  
I think you may need to just copy and paste the hyperlinks not sure if they are running from site right now.  I just checked they are on mine just a thought.

I know Bucky does not like comments but I enjoy reading it helps me retain so maybe it will help you too.

The programs are running so that is great to follow along with what Bucky has made,  

Here is a great version of codeRocks as well the one in the entry video has problems running some of the later 


Download the binary.  I dropped out of FSU for a similar reason.  Not saying you should just know the boat.
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Used in many types of software including music players, video games, and many large scale applications.

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