needing an android developer to build a simple application

+1 james ferreira · October 8, 2015
As the title states am needing a programmer to build an application for android phones and tablets. I believe it is simple and straight forward application action. If interested pls message me.  I can layout the design 
of the application and cost to build it.

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0 Jacob Selvestar · November 29, 2016
If you want to develop a robust Android application then you should hire one Good Development company that offers you quality mobile app development services with all the required features.
0 Amy Rivers · December 5, 2015
Clavax offers high-end solutions to your iOS app development requirements with their deep domain knowledge and experience of designing to the user's preference. Creating applications in the iOS development platform is a lot easier as compared to Android. While iOS has a unified platform, development in Android is a lot more fragmented than iOS.
0 Tiger Tigr · October 14, 2015
Interested in this project too. More details appreciated.
0 Sajal Tyagi · October 10, 2015
Hey James I am an enthusiastic and young android devloper.
If u want I can help u.
0 jethro daniel · October 10, 2015
I am not a java developer, But I can also develop flawless apps with xamarin in C#..Contact me
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