Use Bluestscks App Player as your Android Virtual Device

+1 Mwangi CJ · October 6, 2015
I don't know if you guys were aware of this but if not, you can use Bluestacks App Player as an AVD to test your app on the go. Compared to the normal AVD Bluestacks starts faster. 

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0 Noli Mangulabnan · October 7, 2015
i agree, i am using bluestacks app, it is faster than the AVD simulator, but using AVD we can able to see the Log strings :)
0 Eno Peter · October 8, 2015
Please I am using AVD but it's extremely slow. And I'd like to switch to using bluestacks app player. How do I do this?
0 PRAKASH KUNJ · October 8, 2015
How can I use bluestack as android avd.
0 Mwangi CJ · October 12, 2015
Download  and install <a href="" >Bluestacks</a>. 
Once installed and running, just run your project as you normally do from the android studio,
You will be prompted to run it on Bluestacks or any other running AVD.
Chose bluestacks.
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