DNS Spoofing/MITM Attack on a router?

0 Jonas Meise · October 5, 2015
Hey guys

I've just watched the latest videos  from bucky about DNS spoofing and MITM attacks and just wondered if in theory it was also possible to do such an attack not on a user in a local network but on the router itself, which connects to a bigger Network as we know. So if there was a way to do it you could change the information of all the people wanting to connect to the internet by using this router.

(no I'm not planning on doing any bad stuff and I wouldn't even know how but I just wonder if that would be possible since it seems kinda logic to me that it should since it is the same attack just on a higher level  (atleast that's what I think^^))

Thanks for your replies :)

Greetings LuPaw

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0 Jonas Meise · October 5, 2015
Okay thanks for the answer :)

I already thought it wouldn't be how I think. I'm not very into this stuff yet it was just somekind of assumption I made and now I guess my assumption was wrong ^^

But if you did something similar to a MITM attack but instead of using the MAC address you use the Network address wouldn't that be possible? Could be I am just talking trash (I really don't know much about this Topic yet).^^

I will probably read into it and learn something about ARP sometime later when I have more time since I find it very interesting :)

Thank you for enlightening me :P

Greetings LuPaw

(Will probably read the Wikipedia article later aswell^^)
0 Jonas Meise · October 6, 2015
Thanks for the compliment and also for answering ;)

Oh yes you are right, a Proxy seems to be some Kind of man in the middle.

So that would lead me to the next question, if you can trick a router into believing that your proxy is the actual next 'destination' although I guess that would be quite complicated since you probably can't easily figure out who that router is talking to normally^^ Or can you?
0 Nitin Pathak · October 17, 2015
I have the same confusion
I am on a wifi network that uses proxy to connect to the internet
It is pain in the a$$ to test script and hacks on my mobile and other computer even if these both are connect in same network
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