Problems compiling with JDK 8

0 Martin Krug · October 6, 2015
I've just installed Java JDK 8 and Android Studio, as described in the videos 1 and 2. I try to create the blank activity but get this message in the label Messages Gradle Sync: "compileSDKVersion android-23 requieres  compiling with JDK 7".
Also shows: "Error: (3,22) Download JDK 7..." offering to download an earlier version of JDK. Quite strange to me.
Any explanation?

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0 Martin Krug · October 6, 2015
I guess it was a case of "keep watching the video, you idiot!".
I just fixed it by following the instructions on the video: just go to File>Project Structure and set the right path.
Sorry for asking dummy questions, hope the next is not as trivial...
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