Problem with Android AVD

0 MOHAMMAD ARIF ANSARI · October 6, 2015

I am using Android Studio 1.3 and i created one AVD for my project and also i provide all basic configuration while creating AVD. It says successfully created AVD but while i am trying to start it, it's not starting also it's not showing any type of error.

I am thinking, may be i didn't provide compatible config for AVD.

So can you tell me how i create AVD with proper config. Because i am new and i am trying to study Android Developement from your youtube videos.

So please help me to understand it.


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0 Mwangi CJ · October 6, 2015
I had a similar experience but my problem was sorted when I installed Bluestacks App Player. Just install the same and use it to run your apps instead. Hope this is useful.
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