0 Suraj Gautam · October 4, 2015
I just completed 2nd semester. There was C in my 2nd semester. But in my course in 3rd sem there in Java. I don't have to learn c++ or c#. There is semester gap of 2 months. Which language should I learn? 
I know C programming. So i should start Java because there is java in 3rd sem. Or i should start learning c++ or c# please give genuine suggestions.

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0 Jon Z. · October 12, 2015
A good choice as well :)
0 Suraj Gautam · October 12, 2015
thanks  :)  but I started C++.... 
0 Jon Z. · October 4, 2015
They are all good to know. Maybe Java would be good since you'll need it for school anyway. If you decide to learn C# you'll notice that it's very similar to Java.
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