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+2 Pratik Ghagare · October 4, 2015
I'm new to android studio i want ask you'll that is it necessary to install android studio in  the default location or we can install in any of our drive like the "D" will it create any problems pls help.

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+1 Klaus-Peter Schlotter · October 6, 2015
Hi, you can install Android Studio in whatever location you want. You can also download only the package without Android SDKs. Then download the SDK separately as ZIP and unpack ittot a location you want. Let Android Studio then point to this SDK location.
On one PC I now have d:\java\AndroidStudio and d:\java\android-sdks
0 ariel bitan · October 7, 2015
And you'll also need enough Ram
+1 Rohoulamin Sawaby · October 8, 2015
hi guys! im new to android and im starting to work with android studio.
i built my first project in default mode and it gave this error. 
if its possible can anyone help me. and tell me what is this error and how can i fix it?/images/forum/upload/2015-10-08/7c6262e1d105a41fa04a8adbb1ff792c.jpg
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