what is the diffrance between cmd and command prompt?

+2 ariel bitan · October 2, 2015
The topic is the question

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+1 Vincent Gizzarelli · October 2, 2015
There isn't a difference cmd is just short for command prompt.
+1 ariel bitan · October 4, 2015
But they are two different application in my computer!
+1 Barik Yusif · April 22, 2016
Yes no difference cmd is short for command
+1 pwntastic _ · April 22, 2016
It's the same application referenced differently...now if you asked what the difference between powershell and cmd, it would be a different story.
0 Anmol Wassan · April 24, 2016
Command prompt is one of the windows tool. It is like a windows terminal where you can run commands.
cmd is the short form, precisely the command to run command prompt. 
0 Mohamed Nashaat · April 25, 2016
hey man they both are the same . if you are using windows 7 try searching for command , and open it . then try searching for cmd and you will find the same result 
Good Luck
0 karthika qpt · April 26, 2016
command is a 16-bit version of the command-interpreter that is much closer to actual DOS then cmd.exe which is actually a Windows program. To get more knowledge about web development from http://learnwebdevelopment.info/
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