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0 Pisit Seng · October 2, 2015
Hi all dear. today i would like to ask 1 Question about How to create AVD Manager in eclipe. cuz u have 1 problem
this problem is when i create a new AVD Manager during i open eclipe i can large is but when i close eclipe and i open it again the AVD Manager that i create i can't large it again and it give me with this problem Massage
   "Starting emulator for AVD 'Testing'
      emulator: ERROR: Unable to load VM from snapshot. The snapshot has been saved for a different hardware configuration. "
what is the problem???

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+2 Jagdeep Matharu · October 2, 2015
The AVD configuration has been edited since you last ran it successfully. Even changing skin/display resolution will produce this error. You could either:

  1. Change the AVD configuration back to how it was originally.

  2. Edit the AVD to disable the Snapshot. or

  3. When you next start the AVD, uncheck the Launch with snapshot, but keep Save snapshotchecked. This way the snapshot will be ignored at start-up, but overwritten when you exit. You will then be able to use snapshot for subsequent runs as before.

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