Construct 2 Platform Game Tutorials

+10 Bucky Roberts · July 23, 2014
Here is the square image from the Platform Game tutorial series.

Also, if you haven't downloaded Construct 2 yet, here is the link:

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+3 Batman L · July 23, 2014
Thanks a lot Emily, we need more people like you in the Internet :D
and Bucky if you weren't here I  don't know what I would do! may be just scrolling up and down on FB or watching porn! :3
+2 Tom Gullen · July 25, 2014
Hi there,

Tom here from Scirra (we make Construct 2!)

The posted sprite sheet is from our paid bundle, could you please remove it from your post?  I know you're just trying to help but to be permitted to use those sprites you need to have purchased Construct 2 and you're not allowed to distribute them in that way.

Everyone is free to download our free bundle!

Also Bucky, saw your videos on Youtube and they are great!  We'd love to send you lots of Scirra stickers as a small thank you :)  If you drop an email to me (check my account email) we'd love to send you a bunch!

+2 Syed Zeshan Ali Abuturab · July 25, 2014
Hey Bucky!

I learnt Java from your tutorials and You are awesome :D. I am a student and i want to learn more and more. Now i am working on platform game development with the help of your tutorials.
Can you please upload that bundle which you are using in the tutorials??? :)
it would be great :)

0 axxay xah · July 27, 2014
hey bucky!
great tutorials man!! one question: how do i make the SnailEnemy flash before he dies i.e., flash for one second and then destroy?
0 Abdullah Mansoor · October 5, 2014
Hi Bucky!
Great Tutorial. I learn a lot! You inspired me to design my own characters and make my own platformer. My question is...
When I make the next level, should I make next level in new layer? How do I connect level 1 with level 2? I don't know any programming language. And how do I create an end point that will tell me to go to next level?

I would love a help from anyone at all. Thanks in advance.
0 frank meiers · October 12, 2014
hello bucky, thank for the helped me a lot. Anyway, can you make another tutorial on how to use arrays in construct 2?
0 ROHAN GUPTA · May 23, 2016
hey bucky

I want the enemies to move in all direction but
I also want that they should set their angle each time towards the player.
How to do that ?
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