didnt understend somthing about styling links

0 lior shifman · October 2, 2015
What is the diffrence between "a link{color:red;}" and "a active{color:red;}" ?
It give me the same.

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0 Craig Charlton · October 2, 2015
lets say you have a typical navigation of "Home" "Contact" "About"

typically these are "links" to your various pages. as links, when you style them...  a { color: white; }... then the writing in those links will be white....

a:active {color: red} will only become red once you click on it as it only becomes "active" when you click on it...

Similarly, you can style them to change once they have been visited or just when you hover over them....

0 lior shifman · October 4, 2015
now I understud thank you very much!!
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