Trouble learning concepts in Java class

0 Bucky Dotjava · October 2, 2015
Hey everyone,

I'm new to this website after having known Bucky's channel for years. I've enrolled into my first programming class ever with the exception, and if you even count it, of HTML in high school. I've ran into a problem and I'm sure many others have this same one which is that I'm not understanding what my instructor is trying to say. He has explained things in such a dull, lackadaisical way that it's caused me to leave during lectures because I could not understand what was going on. Does anyone know what I can do other than watching Bucky's videos or growing a pair and just sitting through those dreaded two hour lectures? If it helps, the book we use is called An Introduction To Programming with Java Applets, 3rd Edition by Elizabeth Sugar Boese.

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0 Zack Shea · October 2, 2015
I am in the same boat.  My professor is brilliant, but he has a thick accent and it is almost impossible to understand any of the concepts he is teaching because I can barely understand the words he is speaking.  I watched Bucky's videos, but maybe I am just too thick to grasp the concepts completely.  The thing I learned so far this semester is that you need to practice and play around with java regularly and read about it constantly.  Someone on here gave me the advice to download Java for dummies, and I have started reading it and it has actually taught me more about Java than the $3000 course I am currently enrolled in.
Lots of times I forget what I am even trying to accomplish while writing a program.  That is when I get overwhelmed and frustrated.  If I sit back and think about what the problem is and write out what I need the program to do, I can usually at least get started.  I also posted a homework question I had an issue with and the nice people on here took the time to write an answer for me.  I 'reversed engineered' it and really tried to understand each line of code and that helped a bit. 
I sit through the lectures and want to scream, but I guess a little of what he says sticks because sometimes some of the concepts click in my head when I am at home programming on my own. 

Good luck,
0 Manuel Alvarez · October 4, 2015
I think Bucky is a great teacher, I'm not kidding. As a teacher myself, I would advise you guys to not buy any books. Follow Bucky's tutorials and also learn from Oracle's basic training Java tutorial on Oracle's website. And besides, always remember that to be a good programmer, you need a gang mentality. Meet people, know friends who like to program as well and share your knowledge. The ninja coder is a bad myth. The best and most productive programmer is the one who can contact his friends any time and ask for some sound advise.
Good luck!
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