Any graduation project ideas ?

+3 herby max · October 2, 2015
hey guys I have time to work on a graduation project, and I want an idea to work on using micro controller but not so complicated, any suggestions?

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0 lokmane lou├ža · November 20, 2015
i'm gonna work on graduation project too ,am thinking about a robot (simple one ), quadcopter or smart home; with micro controller or arduino or ressbery 
0 Jim Fp · December 15, 2015
0 Sirius Black · December 15, 2015
Li-fi is a cool should take a look at it:
0 Michael Bianchi · December 31, 2015
What are you taking? Programming or electrical engineering?

You can use the Arduino or the Raspberry PI to do just about anything you want. A simple idea would be to make it control lights in a house with relays or just on another circuit board.
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