Line that's supposed to doesn't work, and ?

0 Renato Lopes · September 30, 2015
Hey guys, I had this problem on a C++ program: 
this line for some reason doesn't work
(image: )
If I delete it, the program works just fine 

full file (yes, you can distribute):

Also, what's the operator of ?? (if that's what's called)

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0 Renato Lopes · October 2, 2015
Sorry, I am still at the tutorial 11 of C++, can you say what should I put?
0 Renato Lopes · October 2, 2015
btw when I first made this I was on tutorial 5, so I should I do another function?
0 c student · October 2, 2015
check the return type of the sqrt function
0 Renato Lopes · October 2, 2015
Ok guys really thanks! But, I tried to make a application like this:

The problem is the result of 1 and 2 are always 0, am I doing something wrong?
0 Michael Eneji · October 2, 2015
Cout << "discriminate: " << endl;
Cout << abcSUM ;

That's the way it's supposed to be.
0 ariel bitan · September 30, 2015
If you want to print several objects you need to separate them with << every time(it's the same with cin),sense that cout is an object from the ostream or stream class(I don't remember)so every time you write:
it calls the operator<< from the class and print what you wanted and also returns an ostream object incase you wanted to make a chain to prinr several items,which is why,if you want to print several items you need to separate it with<< for every object
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