0 Jessica Campana · September 30, 2015
Is this good for beginnings?

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+1 Diarmuid Bogner · October 2, 2015
I assume Jessica is asking is the tutorials as a whole good for beginners. Jessica I am a beginner with Java and Android Application Development and I find it very easy to follow the tutorials and am making great progress.
0 Jagdeep Matharu · September 30, 2015
beginnings for what?
0 Gary Whitney · September 30, 2015
When you post on this forum, it is a public post, not a private conversation.
If you want specific help then provide specific information.

If you are asking if these videos are a good place to start, the answer depends on whether you know Java or not.
All Android learning material I have assumes you know Java.
If you know how to program in Java, then these tutorials are a good place to start because they cover one concept at a time.

If you don't know Java then there are tutorials here just for that.
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