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+2 Jessica Campana · September 30, 2015
I want to buy a new computer to start doing Android development, can i get some advised on which computer is best? Thank You 

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+2 Jagdeep Matharu · September 30, 2015
Not being Specific, but for development try to get computer with minimum 8 GB RAM,  i5.
0 Gary Whitney · September 30, 2015
If you want to avoid all those HAXM errors you see posted, notice Jagedeep suggested an Intel CPU ( i5). Make sure the bios support the Hardware Acceleration. This will allow the device emulator to create the virtual device MUCH faster..
0 ariel bitan · September 30, 2015
You'll need a big ram and a good core,such as Intel core I7
0 Jessica Campana · October 2, 2015
Thank you guys, sorry i wasn't specific 
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