I need help in computer !!

0 Federic jhon · September 29, 2015
Hello i built my computer about 2 years ago and i made one mistake which is getting  2 hdd hard drives. i want to change that and get 2 sdd with probably 150GB each because 2 years ago i built specifically for gaming and now that my dad started his own business i will be working their. 

Question 1.

how can i transfer my OS(windows 10)-----i got for free 

do i have to buy a new OS or am i able to transfer it by raid ? 

thank you.

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0 Alice Aduard · October 13, 2015
Sorry to say, I can't solve your problem. The more that I know about computer is how to reset computer password. Much is about Windows lost or forgotten Windows password. Even you want to bypass Windows 10 password. I also can help you. But only this, I don't know it's correct answers.
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