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+4 Jason Amador · July 22, 2014
As a relatively new programmer, I'm always interested to know what others' workflow looks like.  So, let's share our tools and see if we learn something!

I've been using vim for all my web stuff and c++ (gcc).  I use eclipse for Java, just because it is what I'm used to, and have been messing around with Android Studio for Android, obviously.  I think that I am slowly moving away from IDEs and embracing a command line based tool chain more and more.  It's fun. 

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+1 Luke Shimkus · July 23, 2014
In my opinion, it all depends on what OS you are working on. For instance, if I am using an Mac OS, I would be using a different editor/IDE then I would be if I was using Ubuntu. 

Tell me what OS you have and I will get back to you as soon as possible.
0 Jason Amador · July 25, 2014
Oops, I left that out.  I'm running Ubuntu... to be clear, I'm not necessarily looking for suggestions, but more of a dialog about what other people are doing.
0 Luke Shimkus · July 26, 2014
I have to agree with Linguist Llama for the most part. I would continue to use vim for c++ and Eclipse for Java. But for web stuff I recommend Geany, JEdit, and Kate. Now I am running Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. I don't know what version of Ubuntu you are running but you can download the Geany, JEdit, and Kate from the Ubuntu software center, or just type the following in the command line:

For Geany type: sudo apt-get install geany

For JEdit: sudo apt-get install jedit

For Kate type: sudo apt-get install Kate

By the way, most of theses text-editors have the ability to get themes. 
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