Text conversion to an integer

0 Randy Taylor · September 28, 2015
Hello everyone. I'm trying to write a Program that calculates the color code of a resistor.
 And I'm having a problem  with when you write the color at the prompt, say brown,
it is converted to an integer like number 1. Thanks for any help given.

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0 Randy Taylor · September 29, 2015
Thanks for the help. I was thinking along those lines, but wasn't sure how  to it implement it.
Once again I thank you.
0 Randy Taylor · September 29, 2015
  Ok I've tried that. But I'm not getting it to change to the next value.  Here's the code I've tried.
Thank you for any help.

int main()
char * color_string1 = "brown";
char * color_string2 = "black";
char * color_string3 = "yellow";
int color_code = 0;
if(strcasecmp(color_string1,"brown") == 0)color_code = 1;
else if(strcasecmp(color_string2,"black") == 0)color_code = 2;
else if(strcasecmp(color_string3,"yellow") == 0)color_code = 3;
  printf("value is: %d\n",color_code);
  return 0;
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