Eclipse vs. Android Studio, what should I use?

0 Majika Gab · September 28, 2015
Hey guys, I'm new to this forum. I'm having this dilemma and I still can't decide on what to use.
I have to develop an android app for a school project and I don't know what to use between Android Studio and Eclipse. I've been searching for a while about their pros and cons and still undecided about it. I'm hoping you guys can help me out. So here are some details of my project that might be helpful..
1. Its main feature is the image processing/image comparison feature. I have to compare photos and know if the photos uploaded are similar from any of the photo on the database
2. What IDE and database should I use? (I'm planning to use SQLite....)
3. I'm planning to work with opencv for the image processing but are there other options better? 

I hope anyone can help me on these. I'm really new with android dev... Thanks :D

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0 Ayk Badalyan · September 28, 2015
Hey ;)

Since the Android Studio is now considered to be an official IDE for Android Development, I'd suggest you to use it instead of Eclipse (+ while using Eclipse you'll have to waste some time and set some Android configurations).

And yes, you're right - I assume that SQLite is the most common database in the area of Mobile Applications Development.

If you have at least basic knowledge of Java (OOP) 'n' XML ?then I think you should start watching the 'Android App Development - Beginners' tutorial series. I find them to be pretty productive and furthermore, it will not take a long time for you to learn the basics if you truly concentrate.

Hope that the answer was at least a little bit useful.
Good luck!:angel:
0 Majika Gab · September 28, 2015
Thanks Ayk Badalyan. It really is helpful. I know Java and XML so I think I can do this. Haha! *fingers crossed*. The image comparison is what I'm worried about tho. 
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