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+1 ishwiin doe · September 27, 2015
i need some c++ scenario ideas for my assignment preferably a simple one.
the scenario is most important . code would be a bones but not necessary.
all suggestions are welcome.
below are the specifications given by lecture. 
Prepare a scenario to apply class in a real-life system and submit to Assignment.
Scenario specifications:
In the scenario, you must have at least the following:
1.Description of the real-life system.
2.The data structure is in class concept.
3.The class must have at least 3 data members and the operation functions (such as default constructor, get & set functions, and at least 3 others functions).
4.Description about the implementation of the functions.

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+1 Liam Kemp · November 2, 2015
Ishwiin - Watch a couple of the tutorials and i am sure you will come up with something
0 Angela Emely · October 30, 2015
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