Namastey! from India.

+2 Rohit Gujarati · September 27, 2015
Before introducing myself, I would really like to thank Bucky for all his efforts to guide the beginners (or should I say a complete noob like me) right from the scratch, and to help us understand the very basics of the computer programming in the simplest way possible. 

Now coming to my intro, I'm Rohit and basically I'm from a different industry (Pharmaceutical Industry btw) but I do have some kind of affinity towards the computers. That is the reason why I keep learning about them when ever I get some spare time. 

Hope this community grows bigger and bigger and all the members support each other so that everyone gets benefited by it.

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0 Tatrasiel R · September 28, 2015
Welcome to the forums. I expected a question here . :)
0 Rohit Gujarati · September 29, 2015
I have a question. I recently came to know about VirtualBox by Oracle which lets us run another OS in our system simultaneously with the host OS. I did some google about it as i wanted to learn kali linux and came to know that my lappy is not VT enabled (which i suppose is the main requirement to run kali linux in virtualbox) I have 64 bit Windows 7 OS. And yes, I can say that my lappy does not support VT because I ran the Hardware-Assisted Virtualization Detection Tool on my computer and it said that my computer does not have hardware - assisted virtualization. While searching some other forums I came to know that we can be able to run the 32-bit version of kali linux in VB and it does not require VT enabled computers to run it. Clarity on this is deeply appreciated. 

What other options do I have other then getting a new lappy. If no other option can you please suggest a good lappy.
My budget : 750$
- I'm a gamer too, dedicated graphics preferred but not required
- Gonna use it for atleast next 5 years. 
- And yes, should support VT :D
0 Tatrasiel R · September 29, 2015
You can get some awesome laptops for that price.

Anything new should support this but look on and make sure the cpu supports VT.

Also check your BIOS it just might be turned off!
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