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+1 daniel ophir · September 26, 2015
Hello everyone I'm pretty new to web design and I'm trying to create internal link (inside a section) just to switch between the articles I need a few buttons like that but for now the concept will be enough here is the example:

That is the internal links or buttons how ever you want to call them.

<div id="new_div">
<nav id="nav">
<div id="link1">
<li><a href= "#aboutme" class="button button-large button-primary">About me</a></li>
<div id="link4">
<li><a href= "#contactinfo" class="button">Contact info</a></li>

That is the section i need the visibility and display to change on both.

<section id="main_section">
<article id="aboutme" style="visibility: visible;">
<header><h1>About me</h1></header>
<p>bla bla bla yate yate yate etc etc etc...</p>
<footer><p id="signature">Made by Daniel.O.</p></footer>
<article id="contactinfo" style="visibility: hidden; display: none; ..">
<header><h1>Contact info</h1></header>
<p>bla bla bla yate yate yate etc etc etc...</p>
<footer><p id="signature">Made by Daniel.O.</p></footer>

all i need is to switch between the articles and for now i couldn't even managed to make the link for the contactinfo so any help will be appreciated!

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0 daniel ophir · October 3, 2015
nothing happens and what is data article?
what is switch links?
0 Aakash Ahmed · October 4, 2015
data-article is an attribute of link which tells what article to open when this link is clicked!

and sorry about the 'switch-link", actually it's article-link , it's a class you have to give to the links!
0 daniel ophir · October 4, 2015
It's not working the JavaScript code you gave me... i checked already if the link is maybe broken, It's not broken so it got to be the JavaScript\Jquery file. 
The file JS file is connected i checked it which leaves me with only 3 options:
1. for some reason i don't have that version you said of Jquery.
2. the code of that Jquery is not working for some other weird reason.
3. I'm giving a wrong attribute because i tried giving it display: none and visibility: hidden or one of them but maybe I'm doing something wrong with that aspect. 
I did exactly as detailed above
if I'm doing or thinking incorrectly tell me because I'm clueless.
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