Which Linux Distro Should I Use?

+4 Sarhad Salam · September 27, 2015

I previously used linux a lot, but never as my main operating system. I used to use windows, but windows 10 is really really annoying the heck out of me. (Takes too much space, feels like a damned tablet. I mean I would buy a tablet if I wanted to buy one).  

I don't play games on PC much (I rarely do). Now I used a lot of linux distros but here is what I need to know, If I want to switch over to linux, I need to know what should I use instead of programs mentioned below-
1. I have to type a lot, I use word/excel 1-2 hours everyday.
2. I am also very much into Photo-Editing. I use Photoshop. (Please don't suggest Gimp, I don't really like Gimp much).

3. I code a lot too, but I guess I will find a bunch of replacements in linux.
4. I want some operating system that gives me the easiest way to install drivers.  (For eg. my touchpad driver and automatically installs my mobile drivers, also my printer driver, etc)
5. Also, these are not necessary but any program like After Effects and Cinema 4D for linux? (Doesn't matter much if it's not freeware.)


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0 sfolje 0 · January 28, 2016
Warrning: no sugesstions in this post. Well except maybe for Arch linux ... I like it.

For 3 years (thats how long I have my own personal laptop) I have dual-boot with windows and linux and linux as my main OS, first Ubuntu and now Arch Linux.
Linux is most used OS on servers (more than Windows) but on desktop for personal usage it sucks :angry:. Hard. Reason is simply in not enough good (aka best) programs. You cant compare windows programs like Photoshop, VisualStudio, Word, Ableton Live and so on with Gimp, Eclipse,Libre office and so on. They are great for basic usage but if you use them frequently you will not have superior experience that the programs on windows has. In my case I dont need them so much so I can somehow survive without windows. Now I think I use linux just out of the habit :(.

TL;dr Think twice before moving to linux.

On the other side I think Linux is attractive for programmers because of whole terminal, packages and core stuff. It is pretty sexy.

***All windows look better than previous ones to me ( 10 looks better than 8).
0 Arslan Karamat · June 15, 2016
If you are looking for ethical hacking and coding stuff, use Kali Linux. It has a lot of tools which come with the distro.

For education/office purposes, you can use openSuse or Linux Mint.

For good user experience (especially if you have just transitioned from Windows), use Ubuntu.

Fedora is good for security purposes and Red Hat is usable at enterprise level.

You can use Libre Office in all of these. Drivers will come with all of these distros, but for specialized drivers or for deep communication (for hacking) , you might have to download some packages. All other are available for free (Dude, it's Linux. Everything is open source).
0 Jeffrey Briceno · January 28, 2016
Well, for word/excel you can use Libre office or work with office online.
Photoshop... Sorry, Linux can't run ps and wine simple doesn't work as you wish. Every time, wine crash, also, with wine, you have to run a portable version of photoshop, not a full version, either a fresh version, you have to run an old ps version.

So, if you need ps, dont change your SO.
0 Atanas Kostovski · September 27, 2015
1. For word excel you can get Libre office for example and they are okay
2. If you need photoshop, and hate gimp, you dont want linux distro. You can get photoshop on wine but you will hate it.
3. kind of
4. That are windows features, with linux sometimes you will have troubles with drivers. There are hardware parts that have no linux drivers at all.
5. Most of the programs on Linux are open source. You want applications that are high class, for proffesional production, and there aren't any on linux as far as i know. You can find some open source apps similar, but for you it will be like using gimp over photoshop.

Think over why you would like linux, and if you need it. If you are ditching windows just for the looks go for windows 7 or get used to 10?

Anyway, Ubuntu is the most recommended for beginners. Also you can try Linux Mint or Elementary OS as I personaly like them on my laptop. I use dualboot Win10 with Elementary OS atm, and i love the way it looks and feels. It is based on Ubunty, so everything that works on Ubunty works here.

*****From my experience, I haven't found Linux distro that can match Windows 10 battery life.
0 Jim Scott · November 10, 2015
Ubuntu Studio would probably fit the bill.  Here is the link:  https://ubuntustudio.org/
0 Miss Protocol · September 29, 2015
u can use blender for photo editing
0 Linux Forever · November 2, 2015
Ubuntu or Fedora,Gentoo SUSE
0 Afnan Chowdhury · October 10, 2015
Ubuntu is recommended for first time linux user.
0 abdallah abukhader · February 3, 2016
I recommended Ubuntu . all features you asked for it existed in Ubuntu 
0 Jon Z. · November 3, 2015
my favorite is ubuntu mate

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