Is c++ that hard??

+1 Ahmed Zaky · July 21, 2014
Are there easy ways to learn and master how to code in C++? Is it even advisable as an amateur to start with the C++ programming language? What are the easiest ways to become a good programmer? Please help!

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0 Ahmed Zaky · September 24, 2014
I find all your views very interesting and helpful i must say. I guess starting with c++ won't be harder than i thought and I'm gonna give it a shot. Thanks guys!
0 JOhaL jaTT · July 30, 2014
C & C++ are  very advance language. it has very basic and user friendly environment  but i will suggest to new comers, Learn C first before Learning C++ it will give you basic idea how does language work... 
0 Stefan Duranski · July 30, 2014
c++ is easy to learn and if you learn it first every other language will be like the alphabet ;)
its just when they update it such as the new c++ 11 it might be hard to get used to those new features.
then those old features might not exist anymore.

c++ is the master race.
c++ for president.
0 Jason Amador · July 22, 2014
C++ was the first language that I learned as it was what was offered for AP CS way back in high school, and I picked it up really quickly.  I feel that, if you have the aptitude for programming, you can learn any language first and then be able to learn the others somewhat easily.  In college I took "Programming Fundamentals" which was an intro to programming using Python.  While it is very easy to learn and very flexible, it leaves some "fundamentals" in the dark.  Python's types are flexible, everything is dynamic, and you don't have to worry about memory management at all.  To me, these are complaints, while to many others they are strengths.  From my perspective, starting with C++ made it a lot easier to understand the concepts closer to the metal rather than at arms length.  But, this is just a personal preference.  You don't have to know how something works to use it, I just prefer to.

So, all that is supposed to mean that C++ is a fine place to start, and you don't really need to understand the low-level stuff when you first get started, but memory management is important when you start working with arrays and pointers, etc.
-1 Tamdio Foranz · July 22, 2014
Yes, C++ is very hard to learn as a beginner in my opinion, even with the new C++11 memory management classes like smart pointers.

It has many pit falls that a beginner just wont understand and may even find counter intuitive, for example, why when I do a for loop on an array and i step +1 over the boundary does my entire application crash (SegFault). What even is a segfault?

With the C++11 standard (C++14 coming soon), came lambda expressions. Object orientation is also a mouth full to take in, Like what is an access specifier and why on earth would we need them. I'm not trying to deter someone from C++ but it's much harder to fix your bad habbits and C++ is one language you cant afford to have them in.
+3 Dima Sama · July 21, 2014
No, c++ is not that hard. In fact it's easy, you can learn c++ without any prior knowledge about programming. You just need a good resources for c++. And no, c++ is hard to master, even if you knew c++ there is still a lot to learn and the language itself keeps evolving. The easiest way to learn is to understand every code you learned and keep using it until you are familiar with it. You need to answer some exercises and quizzes. For example i wanted you to make a program to calculate number. You need to answer it. Don't skip it. If you wanted help you can ask people.

So try c++ :), for me it's easy to learn.
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