Genymotion: Invalid path: VBoxManage

+1 Kayode Emmanuel · September 24, 2015
Please help me, I just installed genymotion together with virtualbox and also downloaded genymotion plugin but when i want ed to launch the Genymotion Device Manager it gave me the following line of errors

5:40:02 PM Genymotion: Loading Genymotion library
5:40:02 PM Genymotion: Genymotion directory: C:\Program Files\Genymobile\Genymotion
5:40:02 PM Genymotion: Trying to initialize engine
5:40:02 PM Genymotion: Invalid path: VBoxManage
5:40:02 PM Genymotion: Initialize Engine: failed

and the Manager wont startup .
Any help that you rendered will be more appreciated.
Thanks in anticipation.

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+1 Jamalla Mohamed · September 25, 2015
I assume that you have download and installed the latest version of Genymotion which is 2.5.4
If this is your case, I had the same problem and the following worked for me:

The version 2.5.4 does NOTcreate (reg.exe) file for you inside the folder (\Genymobile\Genymotion) which I think needed for the virtualbox to get it work ...  (this point still not clear for me)

What I did is downloading and installing the previous version 2.5.3 (with virtualbox installer to make sure of the compatibility).
This is the link to version 2.5.3 (

Uninstall the VirtualBox and Genymotion you have and just download and install genymotion-2.5.3 with the virtualbox installer
0 Kayode Emmanuel · September 28, 2015
Okay thanks, ama try that.
0 Kayode Emmanuel · September 28, 2015
@jamala, thank you very much. It work for me.
May God really bless your soul.
0 Jamalla Mohamed · September 30, 2015
you are most welcome .. wish you the best
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