Need help in building an application or game in java

+1 muler suler · July 21, 2014
Hello guys i need help...!!!!

i want to build an app or game for my university project can anybody tell me the source where I can learn to build an app or game in java and achieve my goal thanxxxxxxx

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+1 Jason Amador · July 22, 2014
Bucky has made some really great general java and java game tutorials that you should check out if you are totally new to java and game programming in general.

If you are already somewhat comfortable with java, I recommend libGDX as a framework for game development.  My favorite thing about this framework is that it makes it REALLY easy to write a game in pure java and build it for PC, Android, iOS and GWT/HTML5.  The site has a project creation app that make it easy to get started, and has a few links to good tutorials.

Good luck!
+1 William Frost · July 22, 2014
Agree with Jason Bourne, Bucky got great Java tuts :)
0 muler suler · July 22, 2014
yeah i am following bucky's intermediate java tutorials i have done basics and hope in the couple weeks i will learn a lot to build a project.
Are there any tutorials about java database so that i can build attendance database system  in java.
if tutorials are available then post here link please
0 muler suler · July 28, 2014
@Pleb Eian thanxxx.... i will try.....
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