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0 Zayed AlHadbaa · September 24, 2015
Good day all,

please help my I got frustrated from my laptop 

the package of intel HAXM 86 cant download from sdk .it shows massage that  ( timed out) after I get out from android studio and try to login again I face other problem that shows me massage (the environment variable JAVA_HOME with.........**doesn't point to a valid JVM instillation. 

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0 Shawnee Hodgson · September 24, 2015
I am real new to this and would like to learn. I am disable and would like to try and make a couple of bucks with a great program for smart phones. maybe I can make some kind of money and relied on myself again.

Also if I can come up with and idea for a great program, I would share profits with a programmer that is welling to help.

I am  at the beginning stage on learning Android Studio and have a problem with creating a new project.
                               This is what came up


What do I need to do!

0 Zayed AlHadbaa · September 27, 2015
Please ,

could you help me regarding my above issue..
0 Dol Lod · September 26, 2015

JAVA_HOME should point to your installed jdk: i.e. C:\Program Files\Java\jdk\jdk1.8.0_60 or something like that depending on where your jdk installation is.

@Shawne: Go to your sdk location and go to extras and actually install haxm. 

When it says that it installs HAXM when you download it, it downloads the installer, but doesn't actually run it.
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