Please give me Tips and advice in database replication master with multiple slave and with existing databases

+1 Nathan Moland · September 23, 2015
Please give me tips, advice and safety parameters in this task. I've been doing the basic searching how to's in google for hours and days now. I have a project to replicate/sync database from master server to another slave server so when the WAN connection fail or disconnected it would connect to local server and continue the work process. And when there is changes into master or slave it should update or sync the data between all servers. And one more problem the system or program they are using is only work when the computer or computer server name is 'Server'. It would be necessary to have the same computer name over the network it will not cause any problems?.

Thanks in advance for helps and tips.

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0 Nathan Moland · September 25, 2015
Help me here. Thanks in advance
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