Want to learn PHP

0 Abdurrahman M. Rabah · September 23, 2015
So, I learned Java not all but I have a totally good idea about it ..
And I was thinking to learn PHP or HTML with Java aswell .. is it a good idea or just stick with the java ?

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0 Abdurrahman M. Rabah · September 24, 2015
A lot of thanks to you guys, I am really grateful :D
Well, my vision is to learn or to try to learn all the programming languages.
I actually have 2 dreams, I know they are like nearly impossible or not nearly they're already impossible ..
The first one is to create a new programming language, that is much easier than any other language and more useful.
My second one is building a huge social media app or web, something like to beat Facebook and defeat Mark Zuckerberg ..
I want to achieve one of this dreams,
I already know that this dreams are nearly impossible and stupid .. but that's why they're called dreams, aren't they ? :D
I'm still young though, 15 years old and still have my whole life in-front of me, so I am not in a rush to try to achieve one of the both.
0 Sid wadhwa · September 24, 2015
Brother make your vision to do something great in one way ! the more narrow are your  wishes , the more good you will be  at your work ! you must stick to one language and languages related to it . either it is java or php , stick to one . 
0 Casper Hollemans · September 24, 2015
java is better, what you can do with php can java do to, but that times 1000 :P
I do like php but it's really different compared to java.
Else javaScript woul'd be better

0 axel vincent · September 24, 2015
Just do it!
0 Nathan Moland · September 23, 2015
Stick first with one language i'm just saying . Java is more interesting than PHP cause mobile apps build with java mobile app are trend this days just saying.
0 Nathan Moland · September 23, 2015
Stick with java
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