How can i make a mobile app with C#?

+6 Saeed Soleimnaikhah · September 22, 2015
hello guys
someone help me about this
how can i make an app with c# ?
which one is better ?
java or C#?

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0 yencan olgun · April 23, 2017
0 rahul parashar · April 23, 2017
follow best tutorial
0 rahul parashar · April 23, 2017
follow best tutorial
0 Susan Smith · April 23, 2017
Yes, you can develop not only , but also iOS apps too !
And it is also possible to use hardware level features which android provides such as accessing the USB slot, using the various sensors,etc. 

This would be helpful to you: Xamarin.Android - Xamarin
0 christopher noah · April 23, 2017
Things changed from past C# is every where Better to hire some app developer who guides best or Join some company to know more about why the C# is better.
0 rhono hu · April 23, 2017
0 Jacob Selvestar · March 11, 2017
Hello Saeed,

Xamarin is mobile app creation software which is very much popular and easy to make an Android app. As per my point of view C# is the best option to create mobile apps. If you have any problem regarding C# and mobile app development then you can contact here..
0 Peter Jackson · January 19, 2017
Xamarin is the best option to build mobile app in C#, if you looking for a solution to make your app in xamarin development. Checkout this one.
0 Jacob Selvestar · November 18, 2016
Generally People use C# language for making mobile games that is easy and powerful. Unity is also one of the best platform which you can use for mobile app development and testing. click here for more info..
0 Kristoffer Bello · October 22, 2016
if you want to code in c# use xamarin in visual studio , for java use android studio.
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C# is an object-oriented language designed for improving the development of web applications.