So the task is to build a program that converts swedish krona to euro using 4 functions

*one that handles input
returnvalue: input krona

*one that converts to euro
returnvalue: quantity of euro

*one that writes the result

*main function that takes care of the above

All functions need to be called upon from main in order

I have no idea what im doing here, could use some help!

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
/*  program that converts euro to krona */
float func (float krona,float euro, float result) {


int main(void)
    float krona,euro,summa;
    float krona=0, euro=0, summa=0;
    printf("input a value for Krona: ");
    scanf(" %f", &krona);
    summa=berakning (x,y);
    printf("sum in Euro is: ");

    return 0;