Python or Python 3(New)!

+3 Hasib Ullah · September 22, 2015
Hi!I just Finished Bucky's C++ tutorial.Now i want  to Start Learning Python following Bucky's tuts.But he has two tutorial playlists for that.One is Python and Another is Python 3(new).Which one should i start?

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+1 Ethan Hann · September 22, 2015

Taken from the page above:

“Python 3 is a nicer and more consistent language, BUT, there is very limited third-party module support for it. This is likely to be true for at least a couple of years more. So, all major frameworks still run on Python 2, and will continue to do so for a significant time. Therefore, if you learn Python today, you should learn Python 2, because that is the version you are going to end up actually using.”

In my honest opinion though, it doesn't really matter which one you learn because there are only minor variations between the two versions. There is more library support and documentation for Python 2.x but I'm sure in the near future, there will be just as much support for Python 3. All in all, it really is a personal preference and depends ultimately on what you are trying to achieve.

Best of luck to you learning Python. It's a fun language cause it is easy to learn but super powerful. Can't wait to see some of your programs in the forums :happy:
+1 Halcyon Abraham Ramirez · September 23, 2015
python 3


2020 python 2 will be unsupported. si If you're gonaa learn python. Learn python 3
0 Halcyon Abraham Ramirez · September 23, 2015
@Mathias why not? 
0 Hasib Ullah · September 24, 2015
Thanks Guys!!! I will start python 3...thanks again for sharing your thoughts
+1 Boy Kai · September 24, 2015

Don't use buckys tutorials for learning python.

Why not? You're just going to state something of that nature on Bucky's forums with no reason or support for your statement?

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