The Tutorials here are Awsome.
I have an idear how to make app using only 10 min or so..Sinse you guys makes the best Tutorial maby you could do this.

part 1. make 2 Buttome thay can say map and other phone.. and explane XML a litle and then go to java part and input "geo" and "tel" and explane java a bit.
part 2. show how to export app from Android Studio and sent it by email and how to install app and maby talk a litle about places app can be put to give or sell. The end.

Reason whay I think this can be good idear is this way people can see in most simlest way how app are made and when thay start watch the real Tutorial then the stuff that is there can make more sense to people and people are willing to watch 10 tutorial how to install Android studio and then another 30 until thay can see the practical use for it.

English is not my first language so sorry for misspell