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0 Atul Maini · September 21, 2015
Right now i m watching bucky's videos on android and i have an interview in 7 days for profile of android developer.I need an advice on creating a new project which could be completed in this time and is fancy enough to impress the interviewer and uses a lot of stuff like gps,wifi,camera etc.Please help me out as this will only be a demo project and i need not to put it on playstore.

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0 Dol Lod · September 22, 2015
How far are you? I am not giving you any ideas b/c I might want to use them at some point, but I can recommend basic functionality you can have fully work fairly quickly.These are basic features, but can be learned very quickly.

1) Use tabs. Found a great site for this. Just google tabs and how to use the widget with the viewpager.

2) SQL Databases. If you limit the complexity of what you are doing, you can set up a miniature database if you have any experience with SQL (outside or inside of Java).

3) Use GPS coordinates. This last one actually isn't that hard. Just get permissions for wifi and mobile data. Then just attempt to get a location by implementing LocationListener for your activity.

4) Toolbars always do well. 

Make sure to spend the last two days making sure the app won't crash no matter what you do (try changing landscape while in your activity) Try turning wifi on and off to see what happens especially if using a locationlistener. Test thoroughly. You don't want your app to stop responding during an interview. It would look very unprofessional and make you look poorly for development.
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