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0 Kyle Wallace · September 19, 2015
Hello everyone, I just created this account, so this post will also serve as my introduction.

Alright, so I was hoping that I could find a few people to help me with something. I need to test out the consistency of a MersenneTwister random number generation algorithm, specifically, I need to test it out on many different computers and operating systems. Hopefully this will tell me how reliable the seeded random instance of it is. I have created an executable to facilitate with the testing of this, and I will add it to the end of this post so that it can be downloaded.

When I run the executable, my output is as follows:


I ran this on two Windows 10 computers, both of which were x64 bit. Both computers gave the same output.

I need someone to test this on Windows 7, 8, Vista(if applicable), another windows 10 user, and other OS's that will run .NET. When you run the application, please take a screenshot of the output and post it as a response, along with your operating system and architecture. Hopefully we will all see equal results for the MersenneTwister algorithm output(I am expecting .NET to provide different seeded random numbers).

Seems like an interesting test, so let's get at it. Here is the download link: 

And for those interested, here is the source for the MersenneTwister random number generation algorithm:

Looking forward to what kind of results everyone gets. By the way, in case anyone is wondering why I am doing this, It is because I will be creating a custom bytecipher for file encryption using the MersenneTwister algorithm. I just need it to be consistent across all computers that it is ran on.

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0 Kyle Wallace · September 21, 2015
I am assuming, due to the lack of replies, that this website is utterly dead.
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