Android emulator window position

0 Jim Solomon · September 19, 2015
Going through the Android App Development video series, thanks. 

When I launch an emulator from the AVD window, it drops it in an inconvenient spot near the middle of my screen at the top. I'm trying to arrange my screen so I can follow along and still see the multiple windows. 

I'm on Windows 10 so I Shift+Right Click to get the 4-way arrow cursor, but cannot actually move the window. Any ideas?

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0 Jim Solomon · September 22, 2015
NVM. Got it. Arrow keys on keyboard are magic.
0 Seema Kumari · October 10, 2015
I am ging through same problem . need help.
0 Seema Kumari · October 10, 2015
press Alt+space. then a drop down menu will appear . select move and use your arrow keys to move.
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